Sales Lead Tracking

Sales Lead Tracking

Features and Benefits of Our Sales Lead Tracking Software:

  • Measure the return on your investment in SEO and other marketing campaigns.
  • Ability to build tracking information over time and compile statistical information.
  • Stored in a database to confirm whether leads are tracked.
  • Track phone calls and online form submissions in real-time.
  • Visually analyze geographic origin of phone calls and web leads. Individual lead details associated with each lead marker
  • Campaign medium (SEO, PPC, Email, etc.) automatically identified and added to lead summary.
  • Track individual leads by name, phone number, time of call and website URL.
  • Ability to use information of past clients to better use marketing spend on customers that are intent on buying.
  • Use lead data to create follow up nurture campaigns.
  • Log in to your dashboard 24/7 to see comprehensive details of leads and campaign progress.

Sales Lead Tracking Map
Leads are displayed on a map in your dashboard, providing visual analysis of lead origin.

Green marker = phone call. Blue Marker = web lead

sales map


Automated Lead Source ID
Software automatically detects and reports lead source for better ROI insight.automated


Sales Lead Tracking Graph

Monthly web leads and phone calls are displayed on a graph in your dashboard.

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