Premium Press Release

Premium Press Release

SEO Empire’s Online Media Marketing Solutions consist of Featured News, a Business Quote or a Customized Press Release

BIG Impact
This is your chance to be on par with the big companies that can afford PRWeb. You’ll see your press release, complete with targeted keywords and links, spread across the web.

Small Price
For a limited time, we’re offering a special price so you can see the value of the powerful PRWeb Advanced Press Release. Upgrade now and pay a fraction of the retail price.

Sample Premium Press Release_Page_1

Sample Press Release

Features & Benefits of the Premium Press Release Upgrade:

  • Interview – Our Publishing Coordinator contacts you to gather information and details about your news story.
  • Premium Writer – Drafts the release with targeted keywords and links.
  • Chief Editor – Edits the release and submits it to you for review and sign-off.
  • Syndication – Distribution to major search engines, major online news sites, more than 250,000 PRWeb news subscribers and 30,000+ journalists and bloggers.
  • Analytics – We provide you with a complete report on media deliveries, impressions, reads, interactions and traffic sources.

Promote it Like Crazy

  • Everyone at your company should share your press release on social media.
  • Add a link to the release in company newsletter or other emailed communications to share your news with prospects and clients.
  • Use it to add content to your website–write a summary of your release on your website or blog and provide a link to the press release.
  • Email your press release to your local media and ask local writers to promote your news.
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