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SEO Research #1To help interested clients and customers become more aware and understanding of how our process here at SEO Empire works we’d like to go through the steps of what we will provide to you and your business as your internet marketing specialist.
1 Once we receive your first email or phone call we will take the time to explore what you and your company would like to achieve as either a beginner to the online marketing world or as a savvy marketing specialist. If you are a beginner, don’t worry, were always here to help provide information and answer your questions. A knowledgeable customer is a great customer!

During our time communicating we would really like to get to know your business better and what you hope to achieve. Some of the questions we will ask are:

  • What companies would you describe as your major competition?
  • What products or services achieve the best ROI so that we can make sure your big moneymakers are brought to the forefront?
  • What goals are you trying to achieve for your company? For example 20% sales growth over 12 months or a 50% increase in leads over 6 months, etc.
  • If you have done online Marketing before, what are some negative experiences you’ve had or things like you’d like to understand better during your success?
SEO Analytics
2 Once we have the information needed we will take that to our team and work on the keywords that would be the best bang for your buck and drive traffic to your site. Our team usually takes 2-4 business days for a full SEO Audit and proposal building, during that time we may have questions for you, we’d like to get all the information and tasks completed so that they exceed your expectations. That definitely requires your input!
3 When the proposal is completed we will set a time to speak with you and go through what we have found. The proposal will be customized and tailored to your business’s unique situation. Once we’ve gone through the proposal we’d also like to show you what sets us apart. Here at SEO Empire all of our customers get access to their own dashboard that tracks keywords, content building, lead tracking, social media analytics and much more!

View Example Dashboard Here.

ScreenGrab Lead Map Analytics
We know that while Online Marketing can be a fulfilling experience that it can also be a trying experience. Here at SEO Empire our team is uniquely gifted to help your business succeed and grow along the way. With your customizable dashboard that tracks your success, you will be able to make decisions and promote your company in ways like never before. Never again will you have to make a decision without valuable and upfront data at your disposal.
Call or email us today and let’s get this journey started together!
-The SEO Empire Team.
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